High School Gleanings Trip

 2018 Gleanings Trip

 The dates of the trip are approximately June 8 – June 18,  2018.


Here are a few details about the trip:

Information Meeting:

Contact Marty and he will meet with you or a group of you.



• The trip is open to all current high school students, regardless of school or church membership.  Guests are always welcome.

• We spend most of the time at Gleanings for the Hungry, located in Sultana, CA.  We serve there by turning donated peaches and nectarines into dried fruit that can be sent to over 80 different countries around the world.

• The out-of-pocket cost for the trip is between $400-$500.  That will cover all transportation, lodging and most food.

• We usually fly out a few days before of return home a few days after, to save flight costs and to be able to enjoy some tourism in California.  Until the flights are book, around Jan. or Feb. 2017, we won’t know our exact plans.

Our team consists of the following 29 youth and  5 adults:

Sydney Skeels, Kaylyn Johnson, Jack Croner, Katie Borcherding, Grace Soenksen, Evan Dunker, Kelly Kohlhof, Brighton Kollipara, Lauryn Medbery, Trevor LeGrande, Josie Fanning, Colby Bliss, Ethan Zager, Payten Buss, Ella Caneva, Luke Volin, Aaron Swenseth, Averie Lambrecht, Colten Waldo, Cayden Bergt, Andrew Lofgren, Kelcie Lambrecht, Kristina Tewes, Kayla Steinbauer, Ella Moeller, Tyler Scholz, Alayna Bergt, Maddie Wells, Paige Wilkinson and you!

Christina Medbery, Mitch Medbery, Roger Conrad and Marty Hein will be the adult support.

Hopefully, Katrina Staab and Ashley Walker will get to serve as Summer Staff this year at Gleanings.

Just let Marty know that you are interested by signing up below or contact him.

Sign up here to join the group.